The project aims at providing an opportunity to bring offenders of citizens’ right violations to justice

The project is implemented by Foundation.101 with the kind support of the People's Project and USAID.

All-Ukraine Complaint Service "Karatel" (The Punisher) is a free mobile app, which allows to complain on nearly any violation in just a few clicks. Users are able to solve such issues as pits on a road, extortion, parking violations, smoking in restaurants, rudeness, expired food in the stores or damage of urban amenities with the help of the new app.


  • Citizens legal illiteracy.
  • Unwillingness to fight for own rights.


Ukrainians load a lot of pictures and videos of parking violations, expired food in the stores, damage of urban amenities, pits on a road, extortion, smoking in restaurants and rudeness in social media.

These posts reach thousands of shares and likes but unfortunately, the offenders very seldom receive the punishment.


  1. Create a service which simplifies complaining about nearly any citizens’ rights violation.
  2. Keep a regular ranking of authorities and agencies based on users’ evaluation.


Karatel is a system that allows any citizen to report violations (to take a photo or make a video) on their smartphone and use the mobile phone to send information to a team of professional lawyers at the Foundation.101.

After that an application will be processed and sent to appropriate authorities or private entities who are responsible to fix the damage of a violation. Received responses can be checked on your smartphone and estimate the performance of responding organization.

We ask you to specify your personal data while registration as accurately as possible. This is necessary in order to identify you as a real person and the information you provided is true. It may be necessary to contact you periodically to verify information provided or to clarify details.

Personal data will be available only to a limited number of authorized employees of the NGO "Foundation.101" and will not be featured in appeals to the authorities or private entities.

When you send a message reporting a violation, provide as accurate information as possible. The quality of the application processing depends on it. This is crucial to the quality of processing of your application.


Project news

KARATEL reports in June 2018
July 5, 2018

KARATEL reports in June 2018

According to users' evaluation

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KARATEL Reports in April-May 2018
June 5, 2018

KARATEL Reports in April-May 2018

According to users' evaluation

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