The project aims at protecting citizens from dissemination of manipulative information, bots, and fakes

NGO "Foundation.101" has a prototype of software and is search for financing for the implementation of the project.

Information antivirus "InfoQR" is free of charge browser extension that’s intended to protect a user from harmful information.


A continuous stream of disinformation which disorients citizens and does not allow them to make well-informed decisions.


On a daily basis people consume megabytes of data, which often involve frank manipulations, fakes and propaganda. Information has become an element of the hybrid war against Ukraine and the civilized world. Hundreds of fakes and manipulations created by Russian bots disorient citizens and do not allow them to make well-informed decisions.


  1. Create a browser extension that will alert users about malicious information.
  2. Create an analytical center to fill the database of propaganda sites, bots and trolls.


The extension marks propaganda sites, and groups on Facebook, identifies trolls, bots, fake information etc.

When dubious text is detected, the browser extension highlights it with red or yellow in accordance with the intensity of the page filling with malicious content.

Content is analyzed for the keywords most often used on propaganda sites and in relevant groups in social media. In addition, we check how long ago the domain was registered, which can also affect the level of trust to this site.