The Conditions at the Entry-Exit Control Points

December 12, 2016

During the monitoring at the entry-exit control points in Donetsk and Luhansk regions that is being conducted within the "Frontline Inspection", the monitors of NGO "Foundation.101" monitor the observance of human rights during the intersection of the line of contact as well as check whether the entry-exit control points are equipped for urgent human needs.

Monitors of the organization collect data from all the operating entry-exit control points in the East of Ukraine, namely "Novotroitske", "Marinka", "Hnutove", "Mayorsk", and "Stanytsya Luhanska". They also observe the sanitary conditions at the control points, e.g. count the number of toilets, garbage containers and tanks with drinking water near the territory of the control points. In addition, they record presence of the medical aid posts and heating points at the control points.

The conditions at the entry-exit control points

According to the latest data, depictured in the infographic, the biggest amount of toilets is at the entry-exit control point "Novotroitske". There are 16 toilets there. At "Mayorsk" there are 12 toilets. It is worth noting that Foundation considers such number of toilets insufficient, given that it’s one of two control points with the most intense vehicle and passenger flow. Another fact recorded by Foundation’s observers is that only at "Hnutove" and "Novotroitske" toilets are placed at the control points. There is no ability to use WC, being at a control point, on three other control points.

Access to the drinking water is possible only from the side of the controlled territory at the control points "Hnutove", "Mayorsk", "Marinka" and "Stanytsya Luhanska". This is because in cold season tanks with drinking water are moved to the tents of the State Service for Emergency Situations. It should be noted that at "Marinka", the emergency tent is placed a few kilometers from the control point, so there is no water at the control point. At control point "Novotroitske" the emergency tent is located from the side of the so-called "gray zone". Therefore, the drinking water is available only from that side of the control point.

The smallest number of garbage containers (two) is at the entry-exit control point "Stanytsya Luhanska". They are located at the controlled territory only. Meanwhile, there are from 10 to 14 garbage containers at "Novotroitske", "Marinka", and "Mayorsk".

Separate medical aid posts are at the entry-exit points "Mayorsk" and "Marinka". The best situation with this issue is at "Mayorsk", where there are big tents with medical workers on both sides of the control point.

The citizens have opportunities to heat and get hot beverages in the cold season at all the control points on one of the sides of the control point (either the controlled territory or the so-called "gray zone"). The only exception is control point "Mayorsk". There are heating tents with hot beverages on both sides of the control point.

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