The Load at the Control Points in the First Half of 2016

September 16, 2016

In order to trace the tendency that prevailed at the entry-exit control points in Donetsk region from January to July 2016, NGO "Foundation.101" has gathered the data from the State Border Service of Ukraine in the form of infographics. It shows how many people have passed entry-exit control points "Zaytseve", "Novotroyitske", "Mariinka" and "Hnutove" during the mentioned period.


As we see, the busiest entry-exit control point is "Zaytseve". The total number of people who crossed this control point in both directions is 1.34 million.


Also, more than one million people crossed control points "Novotroyitske" and "Mariinka". Two times less people have crossed the control point "Hnutove" than "Zaytseve".


It is noteworthy that most of the people (51.8%) went to the occupied territories through the control point "Zaytseve". At "Novotroyitske" and "Mariinka" these percentages are almost evenly divided, but there are slightly more of those who entered the controlled territory ("Novotroyitske" — 50.2%, "Mariinka" — 50.01%). Only at the control point "Hnutove" the overwhelming number of people who crossed the contact line, passed it towards the controlled area.

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