Police for "Dummies"

The training video course POLICE FOR "DUMMIES" consists of nine video lessons on how to behave with the police in different situations.

The video course POLICE FOR "DUMMIES" will teach you to act properly when dealing with the police. Nowadays, anyone can encounter the police, even the most law-abiding citizens...

Content of the video trainings include:

  1. General rules for communicating with the police
  2. What to do if you are administratively detained
  3. What to do if the police want to search your home
  4. What to do if your doorbell rings, and you hear the order: "Open the door! Police!"
  5. What to do if you are asked to come to the police station
  6. What to do if you are accused of a crime
  7. How to behave with the police patrol
  8. What to do if you are facing police brutality
  9. How to behave in a room for detainees

To view the video trainings, please use the playlist below.

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